Introduction: Nerf Missile Launcher Attachment

This is an inexpensive missile launcher attachment that is compatible with any nerf gun with a bottom mounted tactical rail. This functions just like the demolisher missile launcher, but also fires standard elite darts in addition to the demolisher missiles.

Step 1: Items Needed:

These are the supplies you will need:

  • Ball pump ( i got mine at the Dollar Tree for $1)
  • six inch long piece of 3" PVC pipe
  • 3" PVC test cap
  • about 8 inches of 1/2" CPVC pipe
  • two 1/2" CPVC elbows
  • one 1/2" CPVC coupler
  • one 1/2" CPVC end cap
  • one 1/2" copper pipe coupler
  • Drill
  • 1/4" drill bit
  • 1/2" drill bit
  • jig saw
  • dremel with sanding drum
  • hot glue gun
  • pvc cement
  • paint (optional)

Step 2: Prepare Ball Pump

remove the plunger from the ball pump, using your 1/4" drill bit, drill out the end of the pump to increase the air flow through the unit, then re-assemble the pump

Step 3: Drill Out Cap

Using the 1/2" drill bit, drill out a hole in the center of the PVC cap, it should fit over the end of the ball pump.

Step 4: Cut 1/2" Pvc

Cut your 1/2" CPVC into several small pieces. two 1" pieces, one 1 3/4" piece, and one 4" piece. Take your 1/2" drill bit and ream out the inside of the 4" piece of pipe so that an elite dart slides in easily. Then layout your pipe for assembly.

Step 5: Assemble Barrel Section

insert the 4" pipe into the coupler, and then a 1 inch piece inside that. The copper coupler slides over the tip to make it a tight fit for the demolisher missiles.

Step 6: Assemble the Rest of the Pipe Section

attach the end cap to the pump, then insert a 1" section of pipe. Then attach an elbow, then the 1 3/4" section, then another elbow.

Step 7: Prepare the 3" PVC Mount/housing

take your 6" length of 3" PVC and cut a slot down the lengh of it with a jigsaw. I don't remember the exact measurement for this, it should be just wide enough to fit the thin portion of the nerf tactical rail. The pipe will be too thick to fit into the slot, so you use a dremel with a sanding drum to thin out the pipe in the slotted section so that it will slide into the nerf tactical rail. At this piont, you want to make sure it slides onto your rail and is held in tightly. Don't cut away too much material, as it is held in place by friction.

Step 8: Prepare End Cap

Take your PVC test cap and drill/cut a hole in the center large enough for the 1/2" cpvc pipe to fit through. you will also need to cut out a notch at the edge for the tactical rail to fit through. I used a dremel for this. As you can see, i didn't do a great job. Insert the cap into the pipe and slide it onto the rail to make sure you have enough clearance.

Step 9: Assemble the Pipe and Test Fit

now you can insert the barrel through the end cap and attach it to the remainder of the tubing. Now you have to decide if you wish to paint it, if so, paint your parts how you see fit, then re-assemble with glue. I used PVC cement on all of the pipe joints, and to fasten the copper coupler to the barrel. I used hot glue to attach the end cap to the pump, and to glue the pump to the bottom of the 3" pvc.

Step 10: Final Assembly.

After painting the PVC with charcoal gray vinyl and fabric dye, i glued everything together. I actually glued the pvc together before painting, so there wouldn't be any paint in the joints. once the vinyl dye dried ( only a few minutes) i hot glued the pump to the bottom and it was ready to use. I wish i could have found a blue ball pump for this, but red is all i could come up with. maybe i'll paint it someday. As you can see, the inside if the 1/2" barrel fits elite darts perfectly, and with the copper coupler, the demolisher missiles fit very nicely as well. I've tested this unit with several different blasters and it fits on all of them quite easily. It is a little bulky, but can easily be removed, unlike the demolisher launcher. I don't know why nerf didn't make one of these. Here you can see it mounted on the following blasters: