Introduction: Nerf Nstrike Elite Demolisher Missile Launcher Mod

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Wow that title is long.... Anyways I literally just got the Elite Demolisher yesterday and it has already made itself one of my favorite blasters. It has excellent range, accuracy and firing speed. The integrated Missile Launcher is an ingenious but poorly executed idea because of the fact that it was so loose that if you wanted it to fire, you had to pump the slide so hard that it would slam into the back of the plunger tube making a really loud noise which made me think it would break if I shot it too many times. this mod will increase air delivery to the missile which means longer ranges and every time you shoot, a cushion of air and increased friction will slow the plunger tube at the end so that it doesn't slam into the back as hard, slightly lowering noise and potential breakage. lubricating will decrease friction and air delivery so that its easier to fire yet range is still increased greatly. I would not shoot anyone from close range because of the added power. I am not responsible for what you do with this modded launcher. Lets begin!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

A screwdriver
The Nerf Nstrike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1
Electrical tape/ Teflon tape
Paper towels
White lithium grease, silicone grease, or in my case, yoyo lube

Step 2: Unscrew the Pump

There should be four black screws keeping the grey pump handle from neatly lifting open and allowing you a peek at the insides. There is one in each corner of the pump.

Step 3: Remove the Plunger

It should just lift out of the handle as shown

Step 4: Remove the Rubber O Ring

It should come off the head fairly easy.

Step 5: Get Your Electrical Tape Ready

Wipe the little notch the O ring was sitting in with a rolled up paper towel and cut a piece of electrical tape equal to the circumference of the inside of the notch, then fold the strip in thirds. Put the strip of tape in the notch the piston head and slip the o ring over that. If you are lubricating the plunger, do so now. I put enough lube in it to make it almost frictionless, but at the same time it won't slide in and out by itself when there isn't a missile in it, which is a huge improvement to convenience.

Step 6: Testing Your Seal and Assembling

place the piston back in the part of the blaster it was originally in, called the plunger tube, then move the handle back and forth to test the friction this produces, if should be enough that you can feel the edges of the O ring sliding against the walls of the plunger tube, but not so much that it is hard to push or pulling the handle in or out of the blaster. If the plunger is still too loose, lubricate or add tape by cutting it to the dimensions until desirable friction is displayed. Then reassemble your blaster by putting in the right side of the pump first, then the plunger head exactly as they were, and finally, screw everything back as it was, you should now have an upgraded and smoother working (if lubricated) version of the original.

Step 7: Done! Tah Dah!

The modded launcher shot at least 10 feet further than when it was unmodded. It now shoots about 10-15 feet more than the darts, which is a great improvement over the equal distance to darts it originally shot. I will be posting more Ibles soon so stay tuned!