Introduction: Nerf - Sneak Attacker Rail

The 3D printer has been a smash hit for my Nerf game. Not only have I finished projects I've always wanted to do, but some things I didn't know I wanted to do. Things like put a tactical accessory rail on a pocket gun.

This is a Sneak Attacker from the Rebelle series that my wife got me as a joke gift. It's pretty much a fancier Jolt, which means it's great despite its size. Even so, I felt like it was missing something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

I don't know what came over me; maybe I was upset with the lousy spare dart storage. In any case, I looked at it and thought "this thing needs to be bigger." I wasn't entirely sure how and I'm still a little fuzzy on that, but a tactical rail seemed like a good place to start.

I'm a little anxious about just gluing crap onto perfectly good guns, so I got the idea to just use the dart storage as the mounting point. It didn't fit at first because I forgot to allow clearance for the little pink divider on top, but I carved out a clearance with a drill bit and made some space in the .stl model. I'm also not sure how true my rail dimensions are to the original Nerf hardware, but it can always be sanded and shimmed where it conflicts.

It's equipped with a dart holder for now, but who knows where it can go from here? Flashlight? Laser? Shield? Bayonette? Waffle iron? The only limit is your imagination! (and your wrist strength)