Introduction: Terrain Puzzle - Mountain Path

Have you heard of Logiplaces? It's this splendid series of puzzles made by 3D-printing molds based on real-world terrain for casting in concrete. I saw them some months back and thought "HAY I CAN DO THAT," and this is my first swing at such a project.

  • I thought I'd try and do something more fantastical. It didn't work out here because I modeled it too small, but there was originally some kind of torii-looking gate at the top of the mountain. I might come back and add something later, maybe a giant owl or some other similarly striking bird.
  • Terrain sculpted in SketchUp from scratch.
  • Easily four days worth of printer time.
  • Went a little overboard with the piece count and size. Nearly 8in square, nearly 4in tall at its highest, and 64 pieces in total.
  • Still needs a proper container. I've already got a foam board box drafted.
  • Will probably remain unpainted.

I've got a half dozen or so more scenes on the drawing board, hopefully ready for printing soon.