Introduction: Nerf Hyperfire Dart Tag Stock and Grip Mod

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skilletI'm am going to show you how to mod the nerf hyper fire.
First you need the gun.
Then you need a saw.
Hot glue gun and duct tape.
The black thing on the back of the recon cs6 and the nerf raider.

Step 1:

This is optional. You can take a hacksaw and cut off the grip.Then add duct tape on the hole.

Step 2:

Now for the kind of difficult  part .Take hot glue and glue the black piece onto the back of the gun.The first time i used duct tape. but it isnt good looking

Step 3:

Then just put on the stock and then you have a rifle in dart tag.

Step 4:

Your finshed then go out there and whip some butts.