Introduction: Another Game Controller Mod. Nes-Phone / Nessy Phone. From Nes Controller (Or Any Controller) & a Donor Cellphone.

Hi Friends!

This is what was working on for the past few weeks; a cell phone that looks like a game controller ripped out from it's console. It's not a Nes controller, but any controller should work. Also you will need a donor cellphone. I wish i had a nes controller though, it's bigger & has enough space to house a touchscren. But I had to work with whatever I had.

Some of you might ask, why?  It's just,  it's a geek thing & perhaps only a geek would understand the significance of it. It's for those who like some nostalgia in his everyday lifestyle, but could be a fun project for anyone for that matter.

Let's start!

Step 1: Acquire Donor Cellphone & Start Stripping It.

Get any old cellphone for this (for obvious reasons). If you you know what you are doing, you can use your latest touchscreen phone.

Take it apart, if the entire phone fits inside the controller, well and good. If not, take it apart, get rid of  back & front plastic cover. This will make it thinner. And will fit more easiy.

Then cut out the back of the controller so as to let the keypad & screen pass through.  

(Use any sharp tool to outline the shape of that window and scrape that outline repeatedly until the middle plastic portion falls off or can be snapped easily. Use a scale or calipers & find out the rough shape to cut out.) Use a file to smooth out everything. 

Step 2: Be As Precise As You Can + Do More Modifications.

In the first pic you will see the earpiece speaker is moved on top, because for me it was coming in the way of the plastic panel. So by moving it on top, i just have to make one or three tiny holes. Without this, I might have to dig a huge square cavity to house the entire speaker.

In the second picture, you will see that i have tried my best to be clean & accurate with the cutting. The keypad passes through it perfectly.

Step 3: Modify the Front Plastic Panel of Controller

Open it, and cut out any plastic bits that might come in the way of the cellphone, we need as much space as possible inside.

In the second photo, notice I have cut out everything inside and made a lot of room. I Sometimes used a soldering iron or serrated knife or sharp scissors.

Step 4: Hide Irregularities With M-Seal or Suguru or Any Other Similar Compound.

Don't worry if the cut is jagged, or in case you cut out more than required by mistake.Just push in M-Seal/Suguru and sand it out later. If the windows the you cut happen to be too large, make them smaller again by applying the compound along the edges.  it can be sanded out later.

Also make sure you cut out plastic to make way for the charging pin. Pack any empty spaces with suguru/m-seal . (So that the phone is secured in place & doesn't shift or move) (2nd Pic)

Step 5: Modify the Buttons

These buttons are supposed to go from the inside, but since we want to keep everything spacious inside, we will have to stick them from the outside. For that, cut out the bits that stick out as shown in the pictures 2 & 3.

Step 6: Stick Them Back on the Plastic Panel.

When you stick them back from the outside, you wont even notice the difference.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

After all the suguru/M-seal/Glue has dried, Sand it down with the finest grade of sandpaper you can find. You can opt this step out if you are concerned with ruining the glossy look. 

Putting the screws back in gives a cooler look. 

Notice the keypad has changed, its because during sanding I ruined the 1st keypad. But luckily i had another one.

Step 8: Final Surprise (Optional)

Ok this is for those who want to go to those extra crazy lengths. I had saved the cord  along with it's flexible base. I wanted to give it that extra surprise. like oh!-it's-actually-a-controller-yanked-out-of-it's-console look!

Of course you can leave out this step if you want to keep a clean look.

Set it in place with suguru/m-seal compound and leave it to harden completely. Again after it hardens you may want to sand out and make a seamless joint (Shown in next step)

Step 9: It Is DONE!

There you have it! Tell me what does it look like to you? A result of sibling rivalry! This will keep those childhood memories alive (At least for me)

Step 10: Check If Everything Works.

Test everything again. The keypad, all the buttons, the charging port etc. Make calls too make sure people hear you clearly & vice-versa.  

I have posted some more pics, While charging, in the dark with keypad illuminated, etc.

(People wonder why is the thing plugged to the charger?!)

Step 11: Show Off!

Oh you have a NES Sticker on the back of your iphone? Well Look at this! 

What more can I say? Tell me what you think in the comments.