Introduction: Nespresso Modular Capsule Dispensers

A modular system to store and dispense Nespresso capsules.

Is a bit tricky to put the openend box on place the first times, but after three attempts you're going to get used to it.


- A 3DPrinter

- A driller, to put it on the wall.

- A couple of screw and wall anchors

- A screwdriver

That's all!

Step 1: Print the Parts

You can print the 3 units or 6 units wall mount

No supports needed

Layer height: 0.2 - 0-24

Infill: 20%

Step 2: Drill the Back Support to the Wall

Use the three or six modules support, both need two screws. You can go up to dozens of dispensers! just joining several supports.

Print the Endcap part on any case.

Individual capsule dispensers have a snap on system to the support.

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