Introduction: Nespresso Coffee Capsules Holder

This is a transparent holder designed to store Nespresso coffee capsules. The capsules can be stored in 4 different rows with a maximum of 7 capsules per row. The holder can be placed next to your coffee machine. (You don't need to hang it on a wall.)

This Nespresso capsule holder was manufactured at the wonderful Fablab in Leuven, Belgium.

The holder was made from a 4 mm thick transparent plexi plate with a laser cutter. I used a 300x600 mm sized plate. The holder consists out of 4 parts: a front plate with 4 openings, a back plate and 2 supports. The 2 plates can easily be inserted in the supports. No glue is needed.

Be careful with the supports during the assembly. One of the ribs of the supports is only 3 mm thick and is fragile. Fragility shouldn't be an issue after the assembly as the thin rib is firmly stuck between the 2 plates.

This was my first design with a free try out version of Autocad. I saw some black shaded areas in the svg file. (I can't explain these black areas, they are probably related to some Autocad mistake). Luckily, they didn't pose a problem on the laser cutter. You only have to cut out the edges of the holder.