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Introduction: Nespresso Coffee Capsules Holder

This is a transparent holder designed to store Nespresso coffee capsules. The capsules can be stored in 4 different rows with a maximum of 7 capsules per row. The holder can be placed next to your coffee machine. (You don't need to hang it on a wall.)

This Nespresso capsule holder was manufactured at the wonderful Fablab in Leuven, Belgium.

The holder was made from a 4 mm thick transparent plexi plate with a laser cutter. I used a 300x600 mm sized plate. The holder consists out of 4 parts: a front plate with 4 openings, a back plate and 2 supports. The 2 plates can easily be inserted in the supports. No glue is needed.

Be careful with the supports during the assembly. One of the ribs of the supports is only 3 mm thick and is fragile. Fragility shouldn't be an issue after the assembly as the thin rib is firmly stuck between the 2 plates.

This was my first design with a free try out version of Autocad. I saw some black shaded areas in the svg file. (I can't explain these black areas, they are probably related to some Autocad mistake). Luckily, they didn't pose a problem on the laser cutter. You only have to cut out the edges of the holder.

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Oh that looks great, I've been planning to get something like that for a long time. Does anyone happen to know if the alternative coffee capsules that are currently on the market would fit in there?

Pascal P
Pascal P

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction


I have tested the design with one alternative capsule and it works fine.
If the capsule fits well in the Nespresso machine, it should be ok for the holder as well.

Pascal P.