Introduction: Nesting Tetrahedrons

I suppose you have to be a real nerd or game enthusiast to want a set of nesting tetrahedrons. You get six tetrahedrons that all fit into a tetrahedron, 4" on a side. All that is needed is two sheets of letter size card stock, a four sided die, and the patience to follow this Instructable. Patterns, in PDF and SVG format, are included.

So get into the season.

On the sixth day of Nerdmas my true love gave to me
Six tetrahedrons and an icosahedron in a polytree.

Step 1: Prep the Pieces

The patterns require at least two pieces of 8-1/2" x 11" card stock, if you want all the tetrahedrons to by the same color. I wanted each tetrahedron to be a different color for I used 10 pieces (two of five colors) to make five sets. So can do either or each combination in between. Either print and cut, or laser cut the patterns. You If you print and cut them you will want to score the folding lined to make the edges crisper and easier to fold. You now have 4", 3" 2", 1-1/2", and 1" tetrahedron blanks.

Step 2: Assemble the Nest

The photos show how to assemble one. Place the four sided dice inside the smallest tetrahedron and close it up. Continue this for all the blanks. When done you have six nested tetrahedrons.

Step 3: Fond Memories

I was born and grew up in Nerdistan and this time of year brings back memories.

We were not that well off. Papa worked 16 hours a day as a miner in the local Bit Coin mine. That was, of course, when he did had work as his job was subject to bit coin fluctuations. Mama did piece meal work using radium base paint to decorate Van Allen radiation belts. It was her nasty cough and eerie glow that made it easy for Papa to find her at night. That would explain my 7 brothers and 8 sisters. It was a hard life.

One day a year, we would celebrate the tetrahedrons. We would make them from cast off cardboard boxes and decorate them with paint Mama stole from work. We had a little game we played. We would make then and sing this song:

A made a tetrahedron and threw it on the ground.
It sat there doing nothing, is wasn't that profound.

Not much of a game mine you, but you work with what you have. We would going caroling door to door to the rich people in our village. We would sing and they gave us small tetrahedron shaped pieces of basil flavored marzipan. Is wasn't very good but it was what they had left and beggars can't be picky. At this time of year we still eat them because it is a tradition, and you follow tradition no matter how bad it tastes or stupid it is.

I still remember one of the carols

Oh tetrahedrons, oh tetrahedrons, you have such clean crisp edges.
Oh tetrahedrons, oh tetrahedrons, you are the perfect wedges.
Oh fours faces and points you always show
With six edges as we all know.

Oh tetrahedrons, oh tetrahedrons, you have such clean crisp edges.

There are more verses but they are not as good as the first.

Enjoy the holidays!