Introduction: Nether Portal

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Hi. This Instructable is all about building a classic structure: a nether portal. Let's start now.


14 Obsidian

1 Flint and Steel

That's all!

Step 1: Build a Row of Obsidian

The first thing we will do is make a row of 4 obsidians.

Step 2: Stack 4 More Obsidian

The finished portal will be a rectangle, in "mid air." So, on your far right, stack 4 more obsidian to make the structure 5 blocks tall.

Step 3: Close It In

The next thing we need to do is to close in the rectangle. Stack 4 obsidian on the far right and then close it in at the top with 2 more obsidian. If you want, you could break the corners and replace them with any other block at this point.

Step 4: Light

Almost done! Now, holding flint and steel in your hand, right-click a block in the middle of the portal (the part that you could walk through).

Step 5: Go to the Nether!

Now we are done! Just walk through the purple fluid in the middle of the obsidian frame. You might hear some creepy noises, but that's okay. Soon you will be taken to a dimension called the Nether.

Step 6: Done!