Introduction: Never Lose Your Soap Again!

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Ever lose your soap due to its slippery, ninja-like sneakyness? I present you an instructable which will tame the soap, and ye will never lose they soapy suds again.
Onto the shower floor, at least.

Step 1: Assemble the Materials.

You wouldn't seriously expect to make this without materials, hmm?

You will need:
-A lot/enough string. (A string that is soft, preferably, not too thin as it may cut throught the soap.)
-A bar of soap. Hm. Obvious. The soap can be new or pre-0wn3d, if it is new, wet it a tad and then dry it, it helps to soften the soap a bit.
-Scissors - To cut. No, not your wrists. Sorry.
-Something to drill with / A screwdriver (to make holes in the bar of soap)
-A hand. Please. You must have one.

Step 2: Drill Holes Into the Soap.

Simple enough. Pick up a screwdriver, and let your primal human instints take over.

Probably should mention that you will need two holes, on either side from the sides of the bar.
one inch-ish should be good, less if you have a tiny bar.

Step 3: Stringing.

Begin by cutting short-ish pieces of string off of your great string stash/mass.

Tie these in a "grandma's" knot around, making two little loops.

Next, take a larger string and thread it through those two loops, as shown in picture two.

Step 4: Tie the String.

As put, simply tie the string to match the size of your fist, just so that you can fit your hand through, however not allowing TOO much space, as too much room will make it harder to grasp the soap. ( It would be dangling far down.)

Tie it in a final loop, if you're minimalistic just do an average knot(grandma's) or you can be awesome and do a pretty knot, like in picture two.

Step 5: Enjoy.

Enjoy the fact that you won't be scrawled over the floor any more, searching for your soap.

Enjoy that now, with a cool soap bracelet you can look awesome in the shower.

Happy Days.