Introduction: New K'NEX Ball Machine Element - Cooperating Arms (5-ball)

Hey everyone! I have finally finished my brand new 5-Ball element. I have been working on this for the last couple months and finally have the time to share it with you all. The machine measures about 4 x 4.5 x 7.5 (in blue rods). The machine needs an input of two balls to function. Thereby it outputs two balls, as they cycle through the machine.

If there is any problems, questions, suggestions ect. Let me know! I would love to help you out! :)

I hope you all like it!


Step 1: The Frame

Step 2: A Wall

Step 3: Support for the Trapdoor Mechanism

Important! The purple connector should be in the exact same orientation as shown on the picture. There are two ways the 2 purple connectors can be clicked together, but in this case there is only one correct way. Otherwise the mechanism will not work properly I think. TIP: look at end of the white rods, and what parts are visible and what part isnt inside of the purple connector.

Step 4: The Trapdoor Mechanism

In the fourth picture it is shown more clearly on how the purple connectors should be put together :)

Step 5: A Railing

Step 6: Support for the Push Mechanism

Step 7: Entry Path to Trapdoor

Step 8: Exit Path of the Trapdoor

Use dark blue 3D connectors here, I used the wrong color.

You don't have to ofcourse if you dont care about that sort of thing :p

Step 9: Some Barriers

I dont have a clear picture of where to put the parts on the machine, but it will become more clear soon

Step 10: The Rotating Bridge

The last picture kinda shows how to put the pieces together

I also dont have a picture of where to put it on the machine, oops ':D

Step 11: The Lift Arm

The position of the yellow rods is really important!

Step 12: The Push Arm

Connect the arm to the trapdoor via the blue rod!

Step 13: A Doorframe

Having fun so far? Let me know in the comments below :)

Step 14: The Doorframe Frame

Step 15: A Path and Its Barrier

Notice the black Y-connectors at the bottom of the path!

Step 16: An Arch

Notice it doesnt connect with green rods, it just sits on top of the yellow connectors

Also, don't forget the black Y-connector, there is just one of them, this is an important piece

Step 17: Finishing Touch

Step 18: Important!!!

Try out the trapdoor/push arm mechanism now, if there are any problems, its easier to fix them now! It requires two balls to work! If it doesnt work, try to reduce as much friction as you can, or else look back to see what went wrong.

Step 19: More Framework

Step 20: A Smooth Corner

Step 21: The Counterweight for the Second Push Mechanism

Step 22: The Middle Wall

Be sure you don't miss anything!

Step 23: The Pusher

Connect it to the wall you just made, as shown in the final picture

Step 24: Even More Framework

This part is finally finished now, add it to the machine! :)

Be sure to double check if every single rod is connected!

Connect the pusher to the counterweight with the blue rod!

Step 25: Another Middle Wall

Be sure you dont miss anything!

The orange connectors at the top mights seem odd (first picture). Its just a regular 2-way orange connector, with two "clips with angled end 3D" into the side of it. One at the bottom and one at the top!

Step 26: Positive Stop for Arm

I only used the red piece on the left for the red color :)

Step 27: The Lower Arm

Connect the arm to the rotating bridge at, using the red rod (as shown in the final picture)

Step 28: A Wall Extention

Step 29: The Upper Arm

Connect this arm to the lower arm with the blue rod (as shown in the final picture)


R.I.P. fingers...

Im sorry :p

Step 30: This Little Thing

No name for this one

Step 31: A Giant Wall and a Path

Make sure to connect every single rod, especially on the inside of the machine. The ones from the liftarm n such.

I know its a pain to connect this one, but I didnt know how to do it otherwise.

Also, be sure to connect the little path to the main machine.

Step 32: Transition Path

It doesnt connect at the end, only at the front!

Step 33: Finishing Touch

The blue connector in the top left will be chaned to a red connector later on. To prevent any confusion :)

Step 34: The First Entry Path

Step 35: Some Extra's

The red connector is visible in the second picture (look back at the previous step if you are confused :)

Step 36: Wall 9000

How many wall does this thing have!?

Step 37: Transition Path

The blue spacer is important here!

Step 38: A Second Transition Path

A note about the red part in the second picture:

This ensures a smooth transition, but I noticed the balls are too quick sometimes. If this happens, remove this piece entirely!

Step 39: Entry Path

Step 40: The Lever

Note, the two blue rods can be changed out for a red rod. I chose an orange one, but thats purely for aesthetics.

Step 41: The Final Framework :)

Step 42: Release Mechanism

Try to reduce as much friction as you can with this part.

Step 43: DONE!

The machine uses 5 balls, put 4 balls on the machine as shown in this picture. Put the final one on the top orange lever, and watch your machine go!

Notice: the machine outputs two balls and requires an input of two balls to function

Thats about it! Thanks for building and have a great time with your new element <3