Introduction: New K'NEX Ball Machine Lift - Two Arms

Hey everyone! A friend (lexi) requested me to improve a lift design he'd created. He had some troubles making a reliable entry path, so I helped him out. The solution I came up with is the addition of a secondary arm with a sliding motion. I am really happy how it all worked out! I have not featured it yet in one of my own ball machines, but the lift works 100% reliable as far as I know. It took me about 2 days from start to finish. I hope you all like it!

Ps. Feel free to send your build when it is finished, im very curious! :)


Step 1: Base

Lest start building the base

Step 2: Entry Path

Step 3: The First Arm

Step 4: First Half of the Mechanism

Step 5: Connection to the Motor

Step 6: Transfer Path

I forgot to make the final picture lol, later on it will be more clear where to put this subassembly haha :)

Step 7: Some Extra Details

Step 8: Finishing Up the Framework and Mechanism

Again, forgot the final picture. The red rod is the railing, positioned at the top. At the final step there is a full picture of the machine if you are confused ;)

Step 9: The Second Arm

Step 10: The Motor

Step 11: Done!

Step 12: