Introduction: New Life for Sewing Machine Cabinet

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This is a project that my boyfriend and me came up with, with the idea of repurposing this very old sewing machine cabinet. Cabinet was out of use for many years and we decided to give him another chance. We wanted to make simply, good looking piece of furniture that will be used for storing things that we need outdoors, since we wanted to keep it on our terrace. Here are few simple steps that were needed to be done for this old guy to look as good as new!

Hope you will enjoy reading this instructable as mush as we enjoyed making it!

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Step 1: Cleaning the Surface

First thing to be done was removing dry veneer. We started by using some putty knife for bigger parts that were already appart, and then we sanded the whole cabinet with sanding machine. There were few places that machine couldn't reach, so hand sanding was necessary as well.

Step 2: Replacement and Changes

After the surface was as smooth as possible and ready to be painted, there were some parts to be changed. We removed the back of the cabinet, and replaced it with new piece of hardboard. Inner shelves and pieces for sewing machine were no longer needed, so we took them out.

Step 3: Painting

Finally, creative moment arived! Cabinet was ready for painting!

Althought cabinet is made out of wood, we decided to use water based wall paint. It came out pretty well. The paint should be mixed with 10% of water, but for the first layer we just used it as it is. Later we realized that using a roller is much better, it spreads the paint more even, and there are no marks left on the surface. We coated it 3 times (after each we waited at least an hour to dry) to make sure that we get full coverage. We used crepe tape to protect few places that we didn't want to paint with the same color. After couple of hours when the paint was dry, removing crepe tape was very easy, and it left a nice, sharp line. Unpainted parts we painted using a roller, and it came out perfectly.

Brush 0 : 1 Roller

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now the only thing that was left to do was sanding some excess paint, painting missed spots and the key, and wood lacquer inside and out.

Step 5: Our Cabinet Was Done!

It still looks quite vintage and rustic, but the new shine is there!

Thank you for reading! <3

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