Introduction: INew : ILow Cost - IGenius IFoldable IPortable ISolar IWater IHeater - 500 Watt - Do It Yourself Heating IDevice - ( 275 Euro ) Is Reinvented for You


  • No wire !
  • 12 Volt Safe !
  • Low Cost 275 Euro's, No Cost for operation
  • fun
  • Warm water
  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • No wire - Off-grid
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to install ( less than 15 minutes )
  • Solar - sun powered
  • DIY
  • Compact ( fits in a suitcase )
  • Can be used in the field ( on land , on water, in the mountains, at the beach )
  • Start automatically with the sun
  • You can use as many modules as you have space
  • no battery needed


  • Solar : no sun, no heat !
  • DIY
  • can pump only as high as the pump capacity ( Eg. max 1,50 meter )
  • pump may not run dry
  • Water is Not drinkable ?? ( Bain Marie OK )
  • you need space in the sun

Step 1: Order All the Parts for the Solar Water Heater

Order all the parts for the Solar Water Heater :

Go on the internet and search for:

  1. a Solar Fountain Pump: I bought the Ubbink SolarMax 600 ( Solar voltaic panel and Solar Pump )
  2. a Intex Solar Mat: First I used a gardenhose, Now I bought the Intex Solar Mat
  3. two 32 mm tubes: I bought 4 meter
  4. I bought tubes in different sizes diameter : ( for making the 'pump-solarmat - adaptor )
  5. and a plastic sink

I bought the parts on the internet.

Verry easy, it took only one week !

That's it !

Step 2: Unpack and Assemble the Parts

  • Unpack the SolarMax 600 Fountain Pump with Solar Voltaic Panel.
  • Unpack the Intex Solar Mat and unfold !
  • Put the tubes of different diameter sizes ( 30 mm, 25 mm, 17 mm) into each other and in the 32 mm tube,
    this is to adapt the pump to the 32 mm tube, that goes to the imput of the Intex Solar Mat .
  • Make a connection with a 32 mm tube at the output of the Intex Solar Mat. I didn't use the Intex bypass Valve.
    see picture ( I put in a stop )
  • Now put the pump in a plastic sink of water and connect the Solar Voltaic Panel. When the panel is in the sun,
    The pump starts to pump. And water flows in the Solar Mat. When the Solar mat is in the sun, the water that flow true the mat gets heated.
  • I pumped the water back in the plastic sink, and the temperature of the water in the sink rises.
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