Genius Portable Solar Water Heater Energy Module!




Introduction: Genius Portable Solar Water Heater Energy Module!

Step 1: New : Low Cost - Genius Foldable Portable Solar Swimming Pool Heater - 2 K Watt - Do It Yourself Heating Device - Reinvented and Created for You

New : Low Cost - Genius Foldable Portable

Solar Swimming Pool Water Heater - 2 k Watt

- Do It Yourself Heating Device - Reinvented and Created for You !

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Testresult in Step 9

Step 2: Order All the Parts : the Solar Pump and the Solar Heater Mat ( or Garden Hose )

When you like to build it, watch

The Portable Solar Pool Heater( Unit, Module, System, Project )

( order all the parts, but google first for the lowest price ! )

Solar Mat ( Ubbink SolarMax 600 = Solar Pump 12 Volt and Solar PV panel12 Volt ) blue tube 32 mm)
Brice plan it ( elbow and tube sleeve 32mm )

Go also to the website's:

Step 3: Make Your Own Genius Portable Solar Heater Module

The power of raw sunshine at midday on a cloudless day is 1000W per square meter. That’s 1000 W per m2 of area oriented towards the sun.

Solar Bag 1-2-3 = 1,04 m² = 1,04 k Watt or
Two Intex Solar Heater Mat = 2 m2 = 2,017 kWatt or 2017 Watt or

50 meter black garden tube 25 mm = 1,25 m² = 1,25 k Watt

look for more pictures on

Step 4: How to Make the Reducer/adaptor - Tube:

To make the reducer/adaptor - tube:

Go to a DIY shop and buy small pieces of tube from different diameter from 13 mm up to 32 mm. Slide one into the other. Make sure they slide tight ! That's all.

Step 5: Manual's

Unpack Intex Solar Heater Mat, and read INTEX OWNER'S MANUAL. - SOLAR HEATER MAT

Unpacking Ubbink SolarMax 600, and read Operatng MANUAL SolarMax 600

Step 6: How to Connect 12 Volt Pump to 12 Volt Solar Photovoltaic Panel !

Before you connect the 12 Volt pump to 12 Volt Solar photovoltaic panel,

make sure the photovoltaic panel is covered.

When the photovoltaic panel is covered, no current will flow ! And the pump is standby.

Submerge the pump in the Pool.

Once the photovoltaic panel is exposed to the sun, the pump starts pumping.

Step 7: Connecting 32 Mm Blue Tube to Adaptor, Pump and Intex Solar Heater Mat

Connect 32 mm blue tube to pump and adaptor 32 mm / 13 mm and Intex Solar Heater Mat
See image, photo
Connect other 32 mm blue tube to output of INTEX Solar Heater Mat.
( black 32 mm tube in the photo )
See image, photo, picture.

Step 8: Swimming

My swim coach instructed me to swim every day on holiday.

I went on holiday to Cyprus and the water in the Pool of the Hotel was cold. That's when the idea started in my mind, to invent a portable heater ! To warm Pool water !


Step 10: Testresult of Test in South of France 2016

Test with a Blue Ocean Solar bag 1-2-3, a Intel Solar Heater Mat, a esotec Solar Pumpensystem " Milano", and blue 32 mm tubes

( After the first day, a wire from the ceramic pump broke, that why I used the fountain pump )

I was lucky that I had my first fountain pump 0,6 m3/h max and my first Solar panel 12 Volt with me. ( Milano - esotec Solar Pumpensystem )
The mat and the bag heated the water 4°C, from 23,3°C to 27,3°C ( Ocean Blue Solar bag 1-2-3 and Solar Heater mat intex )

Next demonstration februari 2017, Tenerife Spain !

Step 11: Improvements : Insulation ! and Using the Green House Effect !

When you lay the collectors on the ground.
You might put some insulation first.
Covering the collector with a plastic or glass plate,
will improve the results.

Step 12: Conversions

Step 13: NEW ! SolarMax 1000 Ubbink

Discharge head: Max. 0.9 - 2.1 m
Circulation rate: 980 - 1350 L / h
Cable length: 5 m
Solar panel dimensions: 52 x 35.5 x 2.5 cm (H x W x T)
Solar panel with ground spikeIncluding lead battery storageBattery storage power: 12 V, 7 Ah
Battery storage dimensions: 151 x 65 x 97.5 mm (L x W x T)
Battery storage cable length: 5 mBrand: Ubbink

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Great solar project. This is perfect for the renewable energy contest.


Reply 10 months ago

Where do I have to sign in for the contest ?


4 years ago

A stronger version: the SolarMax 1000 !
Max. 20Watt
Maximum head: 0.9 m x 2.1 m
Capacity: 980-1350 l / h


5 years ago

this is without the samsonite suitcase, wich is an other 299 EURO more.


6 years ago

This is nice in theroy but in reality I'm afraid it's useless.
The output of this heater is far too low to have any effect on anything but a wading pool. Look up basic thermodynamics heating tables and you will see that at 1 Kw this thing has the power to raise 10L of water 1 oC in an hour.
To put it in perspective, you are trying to heat your pool with less power than the average electric jug.

On a warm day, you would probably do better to pump the water through an old car radiator and have a fan blowing air through it. The heat pickup would probably be more than this provides.

Good effort but you really need to look up the basic thermodynamics tables to see what you need to do to make something practical.


Reply 6 years ago

Sadly Glumpy, I think you need to look at basic thermodynamics tables. Your calculations are WAY off. Using a 1Kw heater will heat 10L of water 1 degree is about 40 seconds. Not an hour like you suggest. This heater on average will heat up about 1000L of water a total of 5 degrees in 6 hours. Not bad. But yes, not enough for a full size pool.