Introduction: New Year's Tree

This year's holiday decoration idea combines the best of a classic season icon; prep'ed and readied to shepard in the new year.(AKA: Anti-gravity tree stand part 2). 

Now for a bit of traditional glee, if you please. 
A nut laidiened poem, flavored with holiday cheese....

Bring me a fibbing pudding and I'll show you a sight.  
Of a warm -ible whimsy on a cold winter night.

Though a mite bit of deception, those with belief,
might find a nugget of use in this fable's stepped sheaf.

The tree, like the year, is heavy and full
The challenge as always is how to draw out their dwell

but help the season reset the year's glass with a heave,
and all will be well under the new year tree's eaves.

The shape of the tree is like the shape of the glass
and the tree, like the year, is heavy and full to the last

but, as the year's sand falls to a stop
This inspired tree, brings a new year to the top.

In the end you will see it's more a beginning anew
as a tree is transformed into a Year Again Yew.

Step 1: Anchor Hook

Drill a pilot hole and thread an anchor hook into the bottom the the tree trunk.

Step 2: Liquid Container

Cut the top off a plastic juice container.
Cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic juice container.
The hole should be large enough to fit around the tree's trunk

Step 3: Glue the Container to the Tree

Construction adhesive is used to attach the plastic container to the tree trunk.
Use a generous amount of adhesive to ensure a waterproof seal.

Let the adhesive dry for several hours.

Step 4: Ready to Decorate

Suspend the tree from the ceiling 

and its ready to decorate.

Hmmm....Somethings not right here....

Step 5: Bottoms Up

Oops...Wrong end....

Loop a steel tether cable over the hook.

Suspend the bottom of tree with the cable, from a structural mount in the ceiling. 
An eye-bolt threaded into a ceiling joist should easily handle the weight of the christmas tree.

Or you can use the set-up detailed in the original Anti-Gravity Tree Stand Instructable

Add water to the container.

Step 6: Keep Your New Year Tree Floating

In case you have not figured it out...a Christmas tree becomes a New Year Tree when it is turned upside down to look like the top of a full hour glass ready for a new year.

Maintenance Note:  In order to keep you New Year tree levitated, be sure to water it
with an Anti-Gravity solution.

Anti-Gravity Recipe:

Start with regular water - H2

Make it lighter by removing one Hydrogen Atom
to make the "Lighter than Air"  fluid - HO

Be sure to water your tree with plenty of 

HO,  HO,  HO,

Merry Christmas