Introduction: Newspaper Night Light

When you make this newspaper night light you will be amazed at what you see when you go to bed. Now, when you go to bed you might actually WANT to!


  • newspapers
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • mod podge
  • bottle that has a cap that is 1 inch in height and in width
  • elmers glue bottle
  • balloon (white)
  • LED light bulb
  • cardboard box
  • small paint brush
  • water

Step 1: Cut Up Newspaper

1. Get a page out of a newspaper and cut out the sections where the the newspaper is creased. Then, cut each section in half.

Step 2: Roll Up Newspaper

2. Once you cut each section in half, get your pencil and put it on the bottom right corner of one of your half sections. Curl the newspaper up until you can barely see the pencil. Pull the pencil out and roll the newspaper up all the way. Then, roll it back a tiny bit so you can put glue on the inside of the roll so it doesn't unravel. After that push the newspaper roll down.

Step 3: Make Rings

3. Get your bottle that has a cap that is 1 inch in height and in width and the Elmers glue bottle and glue an inch of glue on the newspaper you flattened out. Put that side on the outside of the bottle and roll the roll around the cap of the bottle. When you are done with that, you should have a ring made out of newspaper. Glue the end of the ring so it doesn't unravel.

Step 4: Glue Rings on Balloon

4. Get your Elmers glue and glue the rings on the white balloon. Make the balloon a little smaller than medium sized. You make enough of those rings to fill up the entire balloon (except for a space for the light bulb at the bottom of the balloon.) . Make sure the rings are touching each other

Step 5: Gluing in Between the Rings That Are Touching

5. Get your hot glue gun and glue in between the rings that are touching. Get as many as you can and try not to let the hot glue touch the balloon but if you do it should be okay.

Step 6: Mod Podge Rings

6. Have a mixture of 1 part water and 3 part Mod Podge (just a little runny). Mod Podge the outside of the rings where the white is with your paint brush. This step is just to make sure all the rings stick together.

Step 7: POP :)

7. Start by popping the top of the balloon. Pop it kind of fast. It's okay if some of the rings fall off the balloon. You should have an awesome circular type figure.

Step 8: Mount the Lamp

8. Get a cardboard box and measure it so the light bulb can fit at the top. Cut the hole. Then, cut a little hole at the side of the cardboard box so the cord to the light bulb can get to an outlet nearby. Put your finished product of the circular figure on the box over the light bulb. Now, when you go to sleep you can see circle silhouettes on your wall and stair at them till' you go to bed!

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