Introduction: Newspaper Wall Art Decor

There are many ways to create wonderful crafts using papers. A bunch of newspapers can be transformed into a gorgeous wall hanging with little effort.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Old newspapers,
  • Pencil,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue,
  • Ruler,
  • Paper cutter,
  • Paint brush,
  • Paints,
  • Water,
  • Decorative Embellishments (beads, stickers, etc.),
  • Wall pins, and
  • Ribbon.

Step 2: Making Paper Sticks

Take a newspaper and fold it in half, two times, and cut it using the paper cutter. Then, roll the paper using the pencil and glue it in the end. You need to make about 100 paper sticks for decent sized wall hanging. The number may vary depending on the thickness of the rolls.

Step 3: Making Paper Rolls

Take the pencil and roll a paper stick at the center of the pencil in a perpendicular direction. Remove the pencil when you are half way, and turn the rest of it with the hands.

Apply usual glue at the end of the paper strip roll to complete it. Now, you can add any number of rolls on top of this. To start adding new rolls on top of this, apply glue to attach another stick and redo the rolling process. Typically, it takes about ten paper sticks to make a medium sized roll.

Step 4: Arranging the Rolls

Make some small rolls to attach them to the sides of big rolls, so that they form a circle.

Mix some glue with water, apply them to the upper part of the rolls. This procedure helps them hold the form.

Then, push little bit from one side of the roll to protrude the circles. Repeat the same steps with the other bigger, medium and small rolls. Arrange the rolls the way you like. I have made an S-shaped curl.

Step 5: Finishing the Project

Now use color paints and decorative embellishments to garnish the rolls. Finally glue some flower or shining stone stickers at the center of the rolls.

To hang these, you can use colorful ribbons. Make a bow at the top and attach it with wall pins.

A beautiful wall hanging is ready. Using the similar process and paper, you can create any form of wall art.

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