Introduction: Newspaper on Fire

      I know there may be other variation of this project already mad but this is a simple and cheap way. Since this project was cheaply made it may not be 100% accurate, because the compression was just a simple and cheap way to do it. Inferring that you had a very strong compressing machine then the results would be more accurate.

                     Hi I am 13 and this is a project I had to make for school. The point of this project was to find a problem ans solve it. So I created "Newspaper on Fire." There is a PDF attached to this. It will help understanding the project, and show  you the results of the experiment. When I was origianally making this project I was thinking "How can I get newspaper to not burn?" I also thought "How can I get this to be used in cheap house making?"So I thought of the idea of compression. When I was making this project I was actually really surprised how much couuld fit in the wooden frame of my project. In the picture above is how newspaper would burn alone.

Step 1:

First I used leftover newspaper and shredded it through a paper shredder. I use a straight cut shredder not a cross cut.

Step 2:

Now is time to compress the newspaper into a block. One method was by putting weights on the frame and the other method was to clamp down the frame.

Step 3:

Then you light it on fire and watch how it burns. Sorry I couldnt upload any videos because they werent published.

What did I make: I mad a newspaper block that didnt continue burning.

How did I make it: It first came from the idea of making cheap housing material that can keep you somewhat worry free. Then I built a prototype of a block out of wood and i used compression.

Where did I make it: I mad this project at home it was for a school science project.

What did I learn: During this I learned many things. One of those is than the more time for the compression the better. I also learned that without the oxygen the newspaper doesnt burn.These are just two of many of the things I learned from this project.

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