Introduction: Newspaper Pen Stand

You can make it in any shape of your choice. I made a triangular stand.
Requirements: Newspaper, black paint,paint brush, glue, cardboard,scissors, anything to decorate( I used my broken old bracelet beads)

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard Into Your Preferred Shape.

Cut the cardboard into your preferred shape and stick two such pieces to each other.

Step 2: Cut and Roll the Newspaper.

Cut many long pieces of newspaper n roll them. Glue the end of the roll so that it stays. Make many such rolls and cut them to the required height of the stand.

Step 3: Stick the Rolls Onto the Cardboard

Apply glue at the base and stick the roll onto the cardboard. Stick all the rolls at the margins and glue them to each other.

Step 4: Let It Dry. Then Paint the Stand.

Let it dry. Use black paint to paint it so that the print of the newspaper is hidden. After black has dried you can use any other colour to paint over it, create designs...

Step 5: Decorate Your Stand.

Use a smaller paper roll to give a base to the decoration. Stick the beads over it in the form of a flower. Your pen stand is ready. Try different shapes and decorations.