Introduction: Newton's Swaying LED 2.0

This project's idea is from

This project, I am creating a Newton's swaying ball, which is the newton's cradle. This was created to prove that newton's law was correct. It as created by an English actor called Simmon Prebble. So what I"ve changed is the order of the lights coming out, also I changed the way on connecting the wires.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials Needed

I made the outer part of my project look different than the original one, and here are the materials I used:

1. 5 ping pong balls

2. 3 paper board

3. 4 long round wood sticks

4. 4 square wood sticks

5. A4 papers

6. 4 straws

7. Paint

Materials needed for the Arduino:

1. ARDUINO MEGA 2560 R3 or compatible ARDUINO MEGA 2560 R3 microcontroller

2. Protoboard 4802

3. micro servo motors

4. 5 ping-pong balls

5. 5 RGB LED (common anode)

6. 15 220 ohms resistors1

7. 10K ohms resistor

8. 1 potentiometer

9. 1 button

10. metal tubes

11. Methacrylate

12. Wooden rods

Step 2: Step 2: Build the Outward Apperance

I used plastic boards for holding the Arduino board, also the motor which is in the second layer. The four long rounded wood stick for holding the whole thing up and be sure to measure how much distance the ping pong ball stick would need. If you want to make the project look more colorful, you can paint it yourself!

Step 3: Step 3: Build the Arduino

You can take these photos as examples to connect all wires to the Arduino. Be careful for the materials you need also not plugging them wrong or else the whole thing would not work properly.

Arduino Program link:

(I've added the word 改 which is where I've changed that is different from the original one)