Introduction: Ngoh Hiang (Five-Spice Meat Rolls)

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These traditional meat rolls are something much loved by many families. I grew up enjoying my mother’s homemade Ngoh Hiang—it was (and still is) a must-have at Chinese New Year. She combines pork, prawns, and crabmeat with a flavoursome sauce, adding some carrots and spring onions that are chopped so finely that even a child who dislikes vegetables would find no fault with the delicious result. I am thankful that though I now live overseas, Ngoh Hiang can still feature on our Chinese New Year menu. I make it at other times too; many of our British friends have been introduced to it—and they love it!

Why not try making your own Ngoh Hiang this Chinese New Year? It’s not difficult; after some easy chopping and mixing of ingredients, all you do is wrap the rolls, steam them, and then pan-fry until deep golden brown. You can even make extra to freeze for up to 3 months—the Ngoh Hiang will still taste amazing.

INGREDIENTS (makes 9 medium sized rolls)

500 g minced pork

2 tbsp flour

200 g cooked/fresh prawns (finely chopped)

100 g tinned/fresh crabmeat

10 pcs of water chestnut (finely chopped)

1 medium size carrot (finely chopped)

2 stalks spring onion (finely chopped)

40 g beancurd skinwaterolive oil

~ Sauces ~ (mix well)

1 tsp white pepper

0.5 tsp five spice power

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp garlic power

1.5 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

1.5 tbsp oyster sauce

0.5 tbsp shao xin wine

1 egg

~ Garnish ~ (optional)

Chili sauce

Step 1: Prepare Meat Filling

In a large bowl, mix minced pork with flour followed by sauce mixture until well coated. Slowly add in the prawns, crabmeat, water chestnut, carrot and spring onion and mix thoroughly. Set aside for later.

Step 2: Prepare Beancurd Skin

Cut beancurd skin into square or rectangular pieces. Using a kitchen towel, dab some water onto both sides of the dried beancurd skin to moisten and remove the salt.

Step 3: Wrap Meat in Beancurd Skin

Using a spoon, scoop a sufficient amount of meat mixture prepared in step 1 onto the piece of beancurd skin. Use fingers to gently mould the meat into suitable shape for wrapping, leaving some space at the sides. To wrap, fold in the sides then roll in the excess beancurd skin.

Step 4: Steam Then Pan-fry

Steam for 10 minutes over medium-high heat. Ensure that there is some space left between each roll to prevent it from sticking together during steaming.***

***Steamed ngoh hiang can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months. After steaming the rolls and allowing them to cool, wrap in greaseproof paper and aluminium foil. To serve, defrost and pan-fry.

Step 5: Pan-fry

Pan fry with a bit of olive oil until golden brown all over.

Step 6: Cut & Serve

Cut ngoh hiang into bit-sized pieces and serve with chili sauce.

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