Introduction: Night and Day Eyeshadow Look

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Hey momoluvers, it's momo!today I'll be creating a new look I like to call Night and Day. This is a brand new tutorial, never been made so it is new and unique. Please remember to vote, I appreciate it!

Step 1: Primer

Use a concealer brush to blend in your preferred primer all around your eye and the bottom lash line.

Step 2: Eyelid

Take a small piece of tape and put it about halfway on the eyelid like shown.

Apply a light pink tone over the lid on the inner corner half using a fluffy brush

Step 3: Crease

Use a medium eyeshadow brush to apply a sheer orange shadow into the crease work it in so its as vivid as possible

Step 4: Gold

Using the same brush, apply a yellow/gold color over the orange

Step 5: Moon

Draw a small circle with a white pencil liner half on the morning side and half on the night side

NOTE: we will make the morning half a yellow color later on

Step 6: Night Smoky Eye

Sweep a large eyeshadow brush into a medium time blue shade and apply it to the lid (not crossing the border between morning and night)

As you work upwards, mix the blue more and more with a darker shade.

As you reach the outer edge, use a cream shade to define the edge of the night

Step 7: Liner

Draw a thick line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge creating a small flick at the end

Step 8: Small Details

Use the white liner pencil to draw small dots to look like stars.

Use a yellow liner pencil on the morning side of the eye and make the white moon a yellow sun.

Add a black-brown mascara to make a natural enhancement and frame the eye

Step 9: Finished!

And you're done! It's super easy but looks very detailed and complex. I hope y'all enjoy this tutorial and send me your pictures so I can see how y'all did!

Thanks for voting, I appreciate it! Love y'all •_£

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