Introduction: Night Lamp Made by the Old Tape Cassettes

Hello guys......

Here I had made a Night lampusing the old tape cassettes.

This Lamp is very Easy to make..

I hope you like it.

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Step 1: Tools and Requirements

Requirements -

  1. 12 V LED s * 2
  2. Zip Ties * As required
  3. 12 V DC Adapter * 1
  4. Tape cassettes * 36
  5. 12 V female pin * 1
  6. Strong cable with two wires * As required

Tools -

  1. Wire Cutter & skipper
  2. electrical wire / insulating wire

Expect to the cassettes all other tools & requirements you will get in Hardware & Electronics store.

And all these will get you at cheaper price in stores than online...

So I would suggest to buy from stores...

SO LET'S START........!

Step 2: Step to Build the Walls of Lamp

Actually this lamp is cubic shaped...

So first we have to make walls of the cube using tape cassettes...

Use lamp walls using 6 cassettes and assemble casets by zip ties...

make 6 cassettes walls....

Step 3: Building the Cassettes Cube

Now build the CUBE using the CASSETTE WALLS WHICH WE MADE...

Build the cube as shown in Images given above...

Step 4: Connecting & Mounting the LED S


  1. First remove some LED wire insulation cover.
  2. Then mount them inside the cube of cassettes.
  3. Connect the wires in the parallel connection.
  4. Take the wire cable.
  5. Insert the cable in the corner of cube as shown.
  6. Zip the zip ties to wire as shown to hold the cable in the cube.
  7. Connect cable terminals to the terminals of LED s.
  8. Cut the excess part of zip ties.

Step 5: The Power Supply

Connect the 12 V female pin to the another end of black cable...

And connect the 12 V adapter to the female pin...

Step 6: See This Project on Youtube

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