Introduction: Night Vision

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a simply night vision

Step 1: What You Need !!

a viewfinder,a cmos camera (from video house ringbell),electric wire,sigar box,usb adapter(12v car/usb adapter)

a old lamp led,lens,two 9 volt battery,2 or three 3 volt battery(for the light)

Step 2:

First,open the viewfinder and search three magical point : positive,negative and video(bonne chance).

soldering the wire and closed the viewfinder!!!

Step 3: Preparing the Camera!!

add three wire on the camera(positive,negative and video-red/black/yellow-)

unscrew the front lens camera,remove the infrared filter(a littel glass inside,red or bleu colored)

add a lens convecs !!

Step 4: Infrared Lamp!!

unsoldering all led(normal led)and replace with infrared led!!

Step 5: Camera and Video Box

put the camera and the light in a convenable box!!

add a lens in front of camera if you want a big video plans(image macro)!!

Step 6: Energy Box

put in a box the usb 12 Volt adapter and join all wire on usb exit,preparing 2 or three battery 3 volt for the light,with swithc

Step 7: Assembly All Composant

assembly all composant!!

probably you need to adjust the light and contrast inside the viewfinder and a unique box for all composant is better.

contact me for all problems about this project on "alby21europa/at/"

Step 8: