Ninja Modified Barn Door Kite By: Tyler and Tigger

Introduction: Ninja Modified Barn Door Kite By: Tyler and Tigger

About: I am the teacher of a project future and robotics class at a Durango middle school. All projects created by this account are created by middle school students aged 12-14.

As part of Mr. Skinner's Project Future class at Escalante Middle School, we made tissue paper kites, and wrote instructions to help other people make them too! This is our modified barn door designed to look like a ninja!

Step 1: Supplies



-Glue all

-Kite string

-Glue stick

-2 Sheet of tissue paper (aka) Sails

-3 Bamboo spars 2 mm in diameter

-Plastic bag


-Meter or Yard stick


-Any scrap tissue paper

Step 2: Measure to Size

Get your Yard stick, Pencil, and sheet of Tissue paper

On the Tissue paper measure 7 inches down from one long side of the tissue paper and 12 inches from a the 7 inch mark down from the top of the paper, draw lines from the corners to the 12 inch line.

Step 3: Repeat

The first picture is what you should have had after cutting on the lines that you have drawn before. Repeat on a different piece of tissue paper or sail.

Step 4: Cut the Spars

Cut two 22 inch spars and run a bead of glue along the two pointed ends use the yard stick to help get a strait line of glue like shown above. Leave a cm of space to wrap the paper around. Attach using the glue all and wrap the tissue paper around the the spars.

Step 5: Example

This is what the papers should look like after attaching the spars and wrapping the tissue paper around the spars.

Step 6: Attach Vertical Spars

Use the meter stick to draw a bead of glue at the two diamond point and the fold as well as 4 inches from the bottom of the shape. Spread the two pieces of kite 2 inches before gluing the horizontal spars.

Step 7: Make the Eyes and Create More Surface Area

Get the two glue containers draw the bottom of the glue stick on one color of scrap tissue paper and draw the bottom of the glue all container. On a different color of scrap tissue paper glue the two together and then attach the eyes to the kite. Now attach tissue paper to the top and bottom of kite the pieces of paper should be 5-6 inches long and 2-3 inches wide.

Step 8: Attach the Mask, Tail, and String

Finally get a scrap piece of tissue paper and cut it 20 inches wide and at least 15 inches long cut it to a center point 2 inches below the center point of tissue paper glue this just below the first horizontal spar. (Tie two strings above and below the kite in the vertical spars.) Next attach the bridal this is the string that is also attached to the kite and then the flying string. Start by cutting a length of string 1 and a half the length of the kite and attach it to the middle spar the string at the top of the kite. Cut a Piece of bag by rolling up a plastic bag and cut about a inch off of one end of the plastic bag and glue it to the bottom string piece. This will be the tail. Attach the draw string to the bridal and try to fly your kite. Enjoy

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