Introduction: Ninja Warrior Course, Poor Man's Addition

About: Hi my name is donovan. Please folow. And im 14

In this instructable I will be showing you how to build a ninja warrior course.

Step 1: Items You'll Need

4- couch pillows
2- couches
2- chairs
1- table
1- counter
1 mattress
If you want to build your own these materials may not have to be in yours. Two tables if you don't have a counter.
Oh and sorry that my basement is small.

Step 2: Step 1 Starting Point, and End Point

For the starting point put a stopwatch behind a mattress by stairs , I recommend a smartphone or tablet stopwatch. Then turn for the counter.

Step 3: Next Part

Put a chair by a counter or table. Then puts chair about 2 feet by a table and 2 feet to a couch.

Step 4: Next Part

Put a couch about 6 feet from another couch to jump and land on and roll off of.

Step 5: How to Do It

your course should be in a round trail so you can go back to the starting point to stop the watch. First push the watch and run down the stairs. Next climb up the chair on to the counter run n the counter and jump to the table.
Jump off the table to a chair jump from chair to couch. Long jump to the next couch roll off. Run up stairs and dive to the watch to stop the time.