Introduction: Nintendo DS Slot-2 Lights

How to make a source of light out of 2 white leds & your filler cartridge(the useless thing that came in your ds's gba slot).

Step 1: Gather Materials...

I've found a cheap set of wardrobe lights, cheaper than white led itself; so I've decided to use them, instead of buying some...

Step 2: Dismantling

Open up the cartridge and prepare some wires...
p.s. take a look at the polarity (2nd image).

Step 3: Soldering Time

Desolder 2 leds
solder them to the wires
look at the 7th picture and make something similar
put some insulating tape between the wires in the cartridge

Step 4: Cartridge Mod

Take the bottom part of your cartridge and engrave it with something, like a dremel...
then detach the internal plastic separator part.

Step 5: Assembling

Put the pcb into the cartridge case (use some glue to fasten it);
close the case with the screw (do you remember where you put it?)
add some glue to the leds(to prevent short circuit).

Step 6: Let There Be Light!!

You've finished!