Introduction: Nissan Qashqai Tailgate Boot Handle Repair Clip Kit Clips 2006 -2013 for Snapped Handle Clips Install Instruction Guide

Amendments for step 6

Note: if paint on rear of handle remove this first with sandpaper to allow Acetone to melt the plastic.

Amendment for step 8

Note: make sure Acetone melts plastic before fitting the clips to the handle, it is not Glue, the surface needs to start melting for the parts to fuse together.

The Problem

It is very common for the clips on the inside of the tailgate handle to snap.

The small plastic clips moulded on the inside of the tailgate handle snap causing the handle to become loose, making it difficult to open the boot.

This is a very common fault on these vehicles; these clips simply aren’t strong enough and will inevitably break.

The solution until now was to purchase a complete handle, not only is a new handle expensive, it would also need to be colour coded and ultimately would have the same flawed design which would only fail again.

Symptoms of the fault

Tailgate handle internal clips, snapped, damaged, broken. These snap or break off completely leaving the handle, loose or hanging.

Vehicles affected

Nissan Qashqai (2006 - 2013)

Nissan Qashqai +2 (2008 - 2013)

Nissan Dualis (Japan / Australia)

Will fit all variants with / without reverse camera, with / without I-Key.

Associated part numbers:

90812JD00H, 90812JD20H, 90812JD01H, 90812JD30H.

Our Solution

Install our replacement improved design clips and refit your boot handle securely.

Install our replacement clips and reuse your existing handle, saving the cost / need to colour code a new handle which would only fail again.

Our unique clips are very easily fitted, no need for measuring (with potential for mistakes like other kits). Our parts aline to the handle perfectly, no measuring at all just pop in place. No adjustments needed.

Our clips are moulded from ABS plastic NOT 3D printed so quality is assured. Our clips are easily fused to the original handle using Acetone included in our kit. Providing a far superior fastening to any glue.

Our clips are a complete redesign; thicker and stronger in every dimension and designed for life long use. Suited to the application and all temperatures. The original screws simply click in to our clips allowing easy fitting back to the vehicle with no specialist tools required.

Check out our video and instructions to see how easy this repair is with our unique kit.

You will receive

1 x Left hand clip block

1 x Right hand clip block

1 x Pure Acetone

Step 1: Remove Internal Plastic Trim

Externally hold the handle in place with tape, this makes removing the nuts internally that bit easier.

Remove the internal plastic trim, gently prise around the outside of the plastic to pop out of position.

Step 2: Remove Handle Nuts

Retaining the handle is 5x nuts and 1 black plastic grommet. Look inside the door skin and you will see these nuts.

Two bolts on the Right, two in the center and one on the far Left.

Remove the 5x nuts using a 10mm socket.

Step 3: Remove Grommet

The grommet on the Left side of the handle needs pushing through.

There are two small tabs opposite one another, the tabs need to be compressed either with forceps, long nose pliers, or a small flat bladed screw driver then the grommet can be pushed out.

At this point you may need to loosen the tape on the outside of the vehicle to push through the grommet and remove the handle.

When removing the handle there will be loose screws and possibly the grommet as the clips have snapped, take care to retain all 5 screws and the grommet.

Step 4: Remove Handle

To remove the handle you will need to disconnect the electrics.

The 2 x number plate bulbs should be removed, simply rotate these to the left and pull to remove.

The connector to the tailgate button needs removing. Slide this off of its fixing on the handle. Pry the connector gently apart using a flat bladed screwdriver.

Remove handle.

Step 5: Remove Screws

Remove all 5 screws and grommet, some may still be retained by the clips, these will simply slide out of position.

Step 6: Remove Clips

You will see once the handle is removed where the clips have snapped.

Remove completely the two clips on the Left side of the handle and the two on the Right side. The center clips if still usable can remain.

Snap these off with pliers, or cut away with a cutting tool.

You will need to remove all remnants of the clips so the surface is flat ready to accommodate our new clips.

Note: if there is paint on rear of handle remove this first with sandpaper to allow Acetone to melt the plastic.

Step 7: Align Our New Clips

Align our new clips in position as shown, our clips have a cut out so they can be positioned correctly. Ensure the bottom section of our clip block is flat to the bottom of the handle.

Step 8: Apply the Acetone

Using the correct PPE; pour the Acetone in to a container and dip in a paint brush.

Apply the Acetone to the area where the clip block will be fitted and to the reverse of the clip block. Put pressure on this with the brush and the ABS plastic of the clip block and the handle will start to melt allowing the two parts to be fused together.

Note: make sure Acetone melts plastic before fitting the clips to the handle, it is not Glue, the surface needs to start melting for the parts to fuse together.

Take care at this stage not to splash Acetone on the front of the handle as this will damage the paint work.

Step 9: Clamp in Position

Clamp the clip block in position whilst the plastic sets.

Once clamped apply a little more Acetone around the edges of the clip block to ensure good fusion at the edges.

The plastic typically takes a few hours to cure.

Step 10: Repeat for Other Block

Repeat this process for the other clip block.

Step 11: Fit Screws

Once set fit the screws to the handle.

Working from the Left fit the first screw, this will click in to position.

The second clip from the Left the grommet will slide in to with a click.

The center two clips if in good condition refit the two screws again these will click in.

Finally click the last two screws in to the Right hand clip block.

Step 12: Refit Electrics

Reconnect the connector for the boot button, the two halves simply push together.

Slide this connector back on to its retainer on the handle.

Refit the x2 number plate bulbs, these insert and rotate Clockwise to secure.

Step 13: Refit Handle

Refit the handle, align the screws with the holes in the tailgate metal and push in, take care to not trap any wires.

Some force will be required on the Left side to engage the grommet.

Once in place tape in position, this will make refitting the nuts internally easier.

Step 14: Refit the Nuts

Refit the nuts, x5 in total, 2x Right side, 2x center, 1x Left side.

Tighten these with a 10mm socket.

These don't need to be extremely tight just tight enough to pull the handle in to the correct position.

Step 15: Handle Reinstalled.

This completes the repair. If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at

Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2019.