Introduction: Nixie Clock

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All you need are

- some Nixie bulbs (get them on ebay, fleamarket aso)
- an clock electronic (various offers on electrinic markets) to access the bulbs (with instruction)
- an mains adapter for the electronic unit (between 9 and 12V DC)
- an old Typewriter

than disassemble the typewriter and try to find some parts that looks great together with the bulbs. make an arrangement, where you put the typewriter-parts and the bulbs with the electronic unit together. if you like, you may also use some pieces of an old mechanic clockwork to simulate a mechanic of the clock. enjoy...

Take Care because of the high voltages! Please read first the Instructions of the electronic units carefully and be sure, that you know what you do!

If You like to use the pictures to publish enywhere else, you need to keep the watermark. You also need to write where its from.

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