Introduction: Steampunk Plague Doctor Costume

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I created a male and a female Steampunk Plague Doctor costume. Therefore i used old leather aprons, old medical instruments and various leather and created a leather mask. The Belt was made of an old transmission strap, the walking stick i found in the forest and put a skull and some gadgets on it.

scary Halloween to you all...

Step 1: The Plague Masks

During the 17th century Plague period the "Plague Doctors" were paid by the towns. The beaks of their masks were filled with incense or herbs that should kept out the "bad air", and prevented the plague doctor from getting sick. But of Course, in fact that did not really work and so most of the plague doctors died.

The mask i made of thin goatskin. The beak was created of pieces from an old transmission belt. I sewed it together with steel wire. For the eyes i took tea strainers and on each side a lower jaw of an boar was fixed.

The second mask has an optical eye, made of old parts from an microscope and an iris lense from an camera.

Step 2: The Belt and the Instruments

The doctor wears an old leather apron and an very wide belt, made of an old transmission belt. I created small leather clews and fixed old medical instruments on the belt.

Step 3: The Wooden Stick

Plague doctors often had a kind of a walking stick, that was used to prod patients so that they didn't actually had to be touched. The wooden stick i found in the forest, its just a nice piece of old wood. I fixed an animal skull with horns on it an decorated with small things like claws, bells and leather stripes. The skull and the bones i found few month ago in the forest.

Thanks for your interest!
I wish you a creepy Halloween :)


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