Introduction: No-Budget Windowsill Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a great way of looking after plants or germinating seedlings, to increase humidity and temperature inside and to moderate temperature changes. They can also help shield plants from pests and birds. With this instructable I will show you how to easily create a convenient mini greenhouse that can be placed on window sills, using only scavenged items that everyone has access to :)

It has lots of space and height for plants to grow in, and can be customized in all kinds of ways if you modify the design.

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Step 1: Supplies

  1. Wooden skewers, or twigs/sticks
  2. A big see through bag or any kind of see through plastic sheeting
  3. A pair of wire cutters, or a knife, or scissors (or even sharp rock

Optional: Thread/string and superglue/glue to strengthen joints with.

Step 2: Framework

This design is quite simple, and it can be modified in all kinds of ways depending on the amount of space you have and how big or small you would like your mini greenhouse to be. This design I made is like two soccer/rugby goal posts, joined in the middle to create the structure. You can see in the second picture how the skewers are arranged to create the necessary framework.

Step 3: Construction

There are different ways to join the skewers in order to create a stronger structure. You can use any sharp tool but you can see in the images how I used a wire cutter to split the ends of the skewers in order to create the joints. The labelled diagram shows which joints are needed where. Refer to the diagram and the joint closeup pictures to see how to join the different parts. Try your best to create perpendicular and straight joints where necessary, to help create a level structure.

To optionally strengthen the joints, drip any kind of glue, like superglue all over the joint, and wrap thread or string around the joint, knotting it to keep it in place.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Mini Greenhouse!

Find a see through bag which is big enough to pull over your structure to complete the greenhouse. Another option is to cut plastic sheeting or bags and glue them to the structure instead, if you cannot find a big enough bag. Try to tuck the bag underneath the greenhouse to help seal it properly to keep heat/moisture in and pests out. The roof part of the greenhouse will be strong enough to allow a LED light to rest on top too if you want to add light, but be sure that the temperature of the light stays cool due to the plastic. Enjoy!

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