Introduction: No-Dough Easy PIZZA Fusion Style

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Herein lies some all-out examples of my no-dough easy make pizza I've been making in the oven for a couple months, but goes just about as easy in the grill.

For many reasons, I prefer to make all my own food. So recently I figured I'd try at a takeout pizza replacement. With 'baking' being outside of my normal realm, I figured I'd start off with a ready-made dough... but $5 for one Boboli crust?!?! That's like paying top dollar for a just add water instant cake mix and calling it gourmet, while saving money was one of my goals here. 

Solution: "Pitza's" (Pita Bread). Six 'pizza crusts' for under $2. They even come in different flavors, just this one single brand. Pitas and other flatbreads come in different shapes and sizes even. "Nan" bread, from India, is another favorite of mine but I don't have any on hand in the following examples. These sorts of breads I've tried so far are ideal for this for several reasons, with not going soggy as a top tier example.

Now its a matter of sauce (jar marinara type sauces of your preference), and stacking what you like on there. It can be cooked in the BBQ or the oven. In the oven, on the broil setting, I like to throw it on the top rack on a sheet of tinfoil. The same tinfoil then serves as my plate which I then recycle (without using water at any step). 

I could probably wrap this Instructable up on that note after a few good photos, but instead I'm going to attempt to push this concept to its upper limits in Scorched Earth Campaign Act III: Jamaicajun Fusion BBQ Pizzas...

Step 1: Curry, Cajun & Chipotle Beef Rib & Ribeye Jamaicajun Fusion No-Dough Pizza

This is the short and simple version:

For this I used leftover "C3 Beef" from the party platter Instructable Jamaicajun Chipotle Rib & Ribeye Stuft Peppers. While the entire course of that pepper stuffing project was time consuming, the meat part was a snap. The C3 on beef is still simply about the best thing I've ever tasted, and I blew away about 50 people with it. The reaction the same every time: GLEE. But what I was doing before the C3 happened, with these easy pizzas, was I'd chop up the meats (bacon etc), Veggies (onions etc) & Cheeses and the leftovers I wrap for the fridge. So while the first pizza might take 20 or so minutes to make, the second time around it can be ready in a few moments. Since these cook far faster than a frozen pizza with gourmet results, to me this is a no turning back new frontier. 

This build it was rather un-methodical. Pita; Sweet Pepper Spaghetti Sauce; Cajun Powder over the sauce; Onions; 3C Beef; Crumble Blue Cheese. COOK.

For the BBQ, if you're using a thick pan as pictured it's best to let it preheat while you're working so get more even heat (tinfoil this a non-issue). Cook to your liking and that's it. 

I didn't cut this one so it got kind of messy.

Step 2: 4-Meat 5-Cheese Jamaicajun Fusion No-Dough Pizza

This is the methodical version:

This time around I had Jerk Chicken to utilize along with a whole mess of Jerk juice leftovers. This gave me another fusion meat to add with the "C3 Beef", and perhaps more importantly it provided me with "Jerk Au jus" dipping gravy. 

This time I wanted more Cajun flavor so powder, then sauce, then more powder. 

This time I was going thicker so I put the sauce-only pita in the oven for a few moments to preheat the sauce, which was cold from the fridge. 

Next I added the first layer of cheese. I went with this layering design in hopes it would all hold together for the dipping, which seemed to work well. Notice I kept the 3 cheeses (Cheddar, Feta & Mozzarella) grouped together so each bite would be powered by an unique cheese each. I liked this result better than the all shredded and mixed arrays I have been doing lately, and oh my, the Feta was awesomely overwhelming. 

Then I topped the cheese layer with onions, and then garlic powder. 

Next I prepped the Bacon, Onion & Pepperoni. Now added those to the 'pitza' with the C3 Beef.

Now for the Jerk Chicken, which was super tender via long cooking submerged via the 'gravy boat method' as I call it. Note how that leg crushed with a push of the plastic fork. 

With plenty of Jerk Juice to spare, decided to laddle some of that to let it flow into the Cajun Sauce. 

Now it was time for the Crumble Blue Cheese again. Yum.

The 'Pitza' never got soggy, but this time around I decided cutting it was essential considering how messy the single layer got the night before.

Jerk Au jus into a bowl real quick, and from there 20 minutes of pure ecstatic bliss.

For me, the only way to make the 3C Beef better, or have something be better than it, is to use it creatively in combination with other elements such as in this choice example.

I suspect I'll be adding in more variants like these as time goes on, and I continue to try ever more daring fusion concepts, but I can ascertain that I already have at least a couple more Jamaicajun BBQ entires ready to serve up...

Step 3: Cajun & Curry Bacon & Pepperoni Jalapeno

Pita; Cajun; Sauce; Cajun; Curry; Pre-Cook; Sliced Cheese; Bacon & Pepperoni; Onion; Jalapeno's; Crumble Cheese; Curry; Minced Garlic; Parmesan; Garlic Powder; Cook. Eat. Yes.

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