No Sew Costume: Sheik's Cowl - Spray Glue Only!

Introduction: No Sew Costume: Sheik's Cowl - Spray Glue Only!

This is a great last minute Halloween costume since it doesn't involve any sewing. There is no sewing at all. It's all cutting fabric, twisting wire and using spray adhesive to hold everything together. I will apologize for the lack of in progress photos, I was under a time crunch.

I was able to record the making of the cowl. But I had to put the camera down to finish the costume.

Step 1: Step 1: Making a Wireframe

The trick to this costume is the use of a simple wireframe to maintain the shape regardless of how the wearer moves. the wire frame is simply three to four circles roughly an inch or so larger in diameter (as you can tell in the video, this wasn't sized for me) with additional wire used to hold them in place.

I added shoulder pieces to help give the cowl a bit more support, these are optional but recommended, especially given how it supports the poncho. Which leads to step two...

Step 2: Step 2: the Poncho and Done!

After finishing the cowl, I moved onto the poncho. It's just a piece of cloth, roughly five to six feet in length with a hole cut in the center so it can fit over the cowling made in the last step. Blue fabric was used to make the decorative shapes on the front of Sheik's cowl, and then I painted on the design with red paint.

It really is that easy!

You can see in the photos that I went a little bigger than just a simple cowl. It was quite the hit at the party!

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