Introduction: No-Tie Shoe Laces

This a no-tie shoe lace method for students that have difficulty tying their shoes due to a mental or physical limited capabilities.


Paracord shoe lace (elastic shoe lace)

Chord lock


Step 1: The Shoe and the Shoelace

Take the shoe and take off the regular shoe lace. You will do the same with the second shoe.

Step 2: The Paracord (elastic Shoelace)

Measure the regular shoe lace with the paracord. Make sure that both are the same length and cut the paracord to ensure it is the same length as the original shoe lace. Lace the shoe with the paracord (elastic shoe lace).

Step 3: The Cord Lock

Once the paracord is laced into the shoe, Insert both ends of the shoe lace (paracord) into the cord lock.

Step 4: Tighten the Paracord

Now, simply pull and tighten the shoes as desired.

Place the cord remains underneath the first row of the paracord.