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Probably the most iconic quote from Back to the Future. This instructable is dedicated to how to make a Back to the Future badge. Thank you for checking out my instructable and please vote for me in the Back to the Future Contest.

Step 1: Download the File and 3D Print It

Okay so this is a badge design that I created on a road trip. It's about 1.5 length and 1.5 width. I will make another version of it with an attachment for you to put a magnet in to make it easier.

Step 2: If You Don't Download the File: Design Your Badge

Go into word (or whatever application you want to use)(I prefer word), and import the design for your badge. It could be hexagonal, square, diamond, circular, cubic, star-shaped, decagonal . . . the point is whatever you like. Then take the shape and make it into an stl. file in SketchUp.

Step 3: Choose Your Picture

Now, Choose a picture from Back to the Future or relating to it and print it out.

Step 4: Glue the Picture to the Badge

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    This is a very interesting project. Just you might think about changing the title to better describe the project.