Introduction: NodeMCU and 1.8" SPI ST7735 Display

I am using the 1.8″ color ST7735 TFT display a lot. The reason for that is that this display is very easy to use, it costs less than $5 and it offers color! At the back, the display has an SD card slot.A brief summary of the pins (adapted from Adafruits thorough summary):

RST – this is the TFT reset pin. Connect to ground to reset the TFT! Its best to have this pin controlled by the library so the display is reset cleanly, but you can also connect it to the Arduino Reset pin, which works for most cases.CS – this is the TFT SPI chip select pinD / C – this is the TFT SPI data or command selector pinDIN – this is the SPI Master Out Slave In pin (MOSI), it is used to send data from the microcontroller to the SD card and / or TFTSCLK – this is the SPI clock input pinVcc – this is the power pin, connect to 5VDC – it has reverse polarity protection but try to wire it right!LED – this is the input for the backlight control. Connect to 5VDC to turn on the backlight.GND – this is the power and signal ground pinNow that we know what we’re dealing with it’s time to start wiring!

Step 1: Connection

NodeMCU to Display

  • D8 -> CS
  • D7 -> SDA
  • D5 -> CSK
  • D4. -> A0
  • D3 -> RESET
  • Vcc -> 3.3V
  • Led -> 3.3V
  • GND -> GND

Step 2: Libraries:

Add libraries to the ARDUINO IDE:

  • Adafruit_GFX
  • Adafruit_ST7735

Step 3: Test CODE