Introduction: Noodle Swing

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I had a rope swing, the kind with just one rope, one end tied to a limb and on the other end, a circular piece of wood, to sit on. The rope had gotten old and worn, so I decided to replace it. The noodle swing is the final product of what evolved into my children's favorite swings. (We have two)

Step 1: Materials

What is a noodle swing made of?

The noodle part is a large pool noodle for comfort and safety.

And polyester strapping material, used for securing loads for shipping, that I got free from work.

The strapping is very strong, holds a knot well but is easy to undo knots from, and I have used it in a bunch of other projects:

Step 2: A Strong Limb

You will need a strong limb to hang the swing from. You want your tree limb to hang out far enough to give you room to swing.

Step 3: Throw the Strapping Over the Limb

I coil the strapping up and fling it over the limb. You only need to have it hang loosely over the limb.

Step 4: Thru the Noodle and Knot It

You will pass the strapping thru the hole in the middle of the pool noodle. Then tie the ends together with a square knot. Right over left and then left over right. Pull the knot tight and you are ready.

Step 5: Why the Noodle

I originally made the noodle swing without the noodle. (It wasn't called the noodle swing yet) I found that the strapping was not very comfortable to sit on and that it was easy to get tangled in, which could cause a strangulation hazard. Not good qualities for a swing. I was wondering how to improve the swing and then I came across an old pool noodle and it worked perfectly.

Step 6: Storage

One thing that the kids discovered is, that after a rain, the noodle would fill up with water. If you forget to pour out the water, it will splash on you, when you swing. The solution for this is to store the noodle part way up the strap, so the rain water doesn't collect in it.

Step 7: Video

As usual, I made a video.

Thank you for watching.

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