Introduction: Not Enough Snow, Valentine

I thought it would be cool to make a snow sculpture for valentines day, but . . . not enough snow!
It is wicked cold, -20 something Celcius, before the wind chill,
some guy on the weather network was saying how this wet t-shirt froze pretty instantly so I figured . . .

Step 1: What You Might Need

Really cold couple of days
Rubber gloves, if you have ones big enough to fit over a pair of knit gloves, bonus!
A few basins or pots for soaking and transporting
Frame, I used tomato cages, but whatever's handy
Plastic sled or similar something to build on, optional
Raid the laundry hamper for a couple sheets and towels (yer gonna wash em again before they go on the shelf)
I used 1 sheet for the body, one bath towel to secure it to the sled, 2 hand towels to put in the shirt sleeves ( could've used bath towels for more definition)
Denim shirt, old garden dress, knit hat, scarf
Camisole (for face), ice cream container for head, another hand towel
Clothes pins
Card board & plastic from recycling for facial features
Scissors, glue
Let all the sheets, towels, clothing soak in the water. They should be wet through, then squeeze excess water out
Thread the towels through the shirt sleeves before you go outside

Step 2: Make a Frame, Dress It Up!

There aren't too many pictures as this was going to be a surprise and I had to work quickly while my husband/valentine was in the shower
I also had to move fast to avoid frost bite. Please be careful, and never, ever, lick the flagpole.
I decided that while freezing flowing draperies was a cool asthetic, it wasn't realy going to work for me
fortunately there were some tomato cages that weren't frozen into the ground. I used two, upside down. i used a plastic sled as a base as I was trying to construct this out of view of the windows, the plan was to park it outside the dining room window once it was done.
I covered the frames with a wet sheets, kind of twirling around the frame to anchor it to the sled as well as soften the shape. I draped the dress over this slightly conical shape, the put the shirt over that. The sleeves of the shirt needed the clothes pins to hold them in place until they froze. For the head I wrapped the icecream container in a hand towel( to cover the advertising) and covered that with a camisole ( for the flesh tone effect). It was a bit tricky getting this to stay in place, but a little extra water and a few swear words helped.
I took a break because my hands were getting numb and someone was sure to be finished in the shower ( and wondering what I was up to)
Today I added the knit cap, ( made the head less robotic) the scarf and the heart shaped basket( a few clothespins and some water to keep in place)
I had an extra sheet wet, so I used that for the pink heart in the foreground.
I cut the eyes from cardboard and the mouth from some plastic from the recycling. It wasn't quite as cold today, so I used some white glue to slick the features on the face.
TaDah! Time to drag the sled to the display area & call your Valentine to take a look!

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