Introduction: Water Resistant Pouch

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without some crafts from the blue bin. This year some lucky folks are getting these nifty water resistant pouches made from empty plastic tubes, the kind hand cream and sunblock come in. I have a niece who does long distance running, I think something to hold her ID and a few dollars might come in handy. One of my grandsons is into camping, he's getting a few to keep stuff relatively dry on those trips to the wilds of England.

Step 1: So Easy

This is where you go rummaging about in your saved recycleables and come up with some empty tubes
Ok, nothing there . . Now you go rummaging about in your partly filled tubes of creams and body washes. Squeeze as much as you can into another container for use later. (Once you cut the top off the tube, you can scoop or drip the last bits out)
What else you'll need
Knife, kitchen shears, duct tape, 1/4" elastic, split ring/key ring (optional), needle and thread ( only if you're adding split ring)
*Cut the top off the tube, cut it just below the "shoulders". This gives you the maximum amount of tube to work with.
*Give it a good wash, dry thoroughly.
*Cut a slit down both sides of the tube. On tubes that were 2-2.5" across, I cut down 1"-3/4". ( cut longer slits on wider tubes, shorter slits on smaller ones)
*Round the corners of the flaps. Fold one flap inside. The flap that's sticking up gets a hole in the centre. The flap that got folded inside will help keep moisture out, also could slip folded bills or ID under the flap so they don't fall out so easily.
*Get creative with duct tape to cover labeling that's printed on tube, if desired. (You could use adhesive shelf paper instead)
*cut a piece of elastic that is twice the height of your tube ( with the flaps folded) PLUS 1/2"!
*Thread the split ring onto the elastic, poke one end, then the other end of the elastic in the hole on the flap. The long loop of elastic will be on the outside of the pouch. Tie the ends of the elastic in a knot, trim ends.
*Slip the elastic over the pouch. Slide the ring up the elastic so its near the top of the back of the pouch. Pinch the elastic so it makes a little loop around the ring. Take a few stitches to secure this loop around the ring. (You can make a knot to secure the split ring in the elastic if you don't feel like sewing)
* Now if it's a gift, you could fill it with something, a gift card, cash, waterproof matches sealed in a straw . . .

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