Introduction: Not Too Sweet Hot Chocolate

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There’s nothing better than a warm cup of hot chocolate embracing your hands as your snuggle on the sofa under a warm blanket as it pours rain outside. The only problem is I find all the commercial brand of hot chocolates to be too sweet and not creamy. I have been making this Not Too Sweet version since I was in College. Hope you enjoy it!

This recipe makes enough for two mugs.


Milk - I am using Almond but you can use any that you prefer.
2 TBSP of Cocoa
1 TBSP of White Sugar
Mini Marshmallows - optional

Step 1: Your Tools

Medium Saucepan
1 TBSP measure
2 X Mugs

Step 2: The Main Event

1. Place the medium saucepan on top of your stove.
2. Place the cocoa, sugar and 1/2 cup of milk inside the saucepan.
3. Using the whisk, mix until all the powder is blended into the milk.

Step 3: Let’s Heat It Up

1. Turn the burner onto medium heat.
2. Pour the remaining milk into the saucepan.
3. As the milk heats, occasionally whisk the milk to prevent it from scolding
4. If you are choosing to use marshmallows, you can place them in the bottom of you cup.
5. You will know when the hot chocolate is ready as there are tiny bubbles that form along the sides and the milk start to rise.
6. Remove the pot from the heat carefully.

Step 4: Sit Back and Sip Your Reward

1. Carefully pour the warm hot chocolate into each mug
2. Enjoy