Introduction: Not Your Fathers Campfire S'mores

I grew up camping and always looked forward to the gooey wonderfulness of a s'more. Graham crackers, chocolate and a golden toasted marshmallow.
Recently I had a yearning for a snack and came up with a variation on the old treat.

Step 1: Preparation

This was created in a toaster oven.
Start the broiler warming.
Line the baking pan with foil. It can get messy.
Place the square graham crackers on the foil.
Add a bitter chocolate square. I especially like an orange chocolate.
Top with a marshmallow. Press it down slightly to stabilize.
Set aside.

Step 2: Caramel Sauce

Pour one cup of sugar into a large saucepan.
Set over medium heat. Every few minutes swirl the pan watching for the sugar to begin melting.
This is a good time to place the s'mores under the broiler. Watch them carefully.
Keep swirling the sugar until fully melted and a nice dark color is achieved. If it starts to smoke it is done. Any further it will burn. If it does thow it out. It's only a little sugar.
At this point you have caramel. To make it a sauce start adding heavy cream SLOWLY! It will foam. Add up to a cup and a half depending on desired consistency.
Remove from heat.

Step 3: Assembly

Hopefully you were watching the broiling process and now have a beautifully toasted marshmallow atop a melty chocolate square.
Transfer to a serving plate.
Drizzle the sauce on top. Add a dash of coarse salt and top with a maraschino cherry or garnish of your choice.

Step 4: Alternatives

If you stop making the caramel sauce before adding the cream you have the base for spun sugar. Lift the hot caramel with a fork and let the drippings fall over another fork or knife. The result should be fine sugar hairs you can use as a decorative topping.