Introduction: Not So Skinny Jeans!

My design process is to come up with an idea randomly.

Step 1: Video of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro LINK

his is my video of how  used Sketchbook Pro!

Step 2: Thought Process!

So I design my items randomly. I had a pair of skinny jeans that were too tight so I decided to edit them so that I could wear them again.  I added panels from a different set of jeans. The panels had pockets from a different pair of jeans. So this pair of jeans has 6 pockets now. I also had to hem them. 
Also these pants are no longer skinny jeans they are a mix of boot cut and bell bottoms! 

I start the design process by thinking of what I want, then I draw out the idea. After that I do a math process so that I can cut the panels  accurately. With me I usually end up making a few mistakes and having to rehash the math. If you were to do something similar make sure you do the waistband math correctly.

These jeans might suit bigger people, but it could also suit thinner people if they were to like the design/ idea. 

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