Introduction: Notebooks From Paper Waste P.5

So, this is fifth part of these series and once again I want to show how to make yet another notebook out of discarded paper materials. If you want to se more of me doing stuff like this, please, visit previous chapters:

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Step 1:

For this project I used some materials, already familiar by previous tutorials. The main concideration here was to combine in the most aesteticly pleasable way to make something nice looking, and at the same, time provide the result generally by the means of the waste material itself.

Step 2:

For pages I'm using some sheets of A4 paper. It's pretty old and has this yelow tint to it.

While I'm cutting pages, I'm not aming for some specific size, just trying to get the most from the sheets I have while maintaining rectangular proportions.

Step 3:

From old documents folder I'm cutting now a piece for a cover. It's a strip a few millimetres wider than the pages, and with lenght of roughly 2,5 lenght of those page,

Step 4:

To decorate the piece I'm gluing some nice wrapping paper to the face of the cover. I'm doing it axactly the same way as I did in previous part, so you go there and look for some more detailed instructions.

Unfortunately some of the printings that were on the folder were stil partially visible through the wrapping paper on the finnished piece, so it's a thing to concidere. It didn't ruin the look very much though, so I was kind of ok with it.

Step 5:

And to the inner side of the cover I'm gluing a slightly undesized piece of tissue paper that was used as a wrap with some new pair of shooes.

Step 6:

To construct the folds of the cover case I'm using the page block as a guide. With a dull awl or not writing pen "draw" the lines to "program" the folds using a straight edge.

Two folds of the cover have to bend to the front of the page block and owerlap there to some amount. I'm not specifying the point at which at which they should "meet up", and this is something you can play with according to your desire.

Also don't forget to add sections between back of the cover and front folds to accomodate the thickness of paper block.

Step 7:

From the same paper I used to decorate the cover I'm now making a rectangular piece of the same width as the page block. I'm gluing it over the edge of the page block and It's used as a sort of a spine piece.

Step 8:

To attach pages to the cover case, I'm going to stitch the page block down to it. It can be done with sewing machine If overall thickness of the material is not to big and your machine can handle it. But I'm going to do it by handstitching.

So, I'm securing the page block in the position on the cover piece with paper binders. Then I'm using a ruller and a thin awl to position and punch holes through the pages ant the cover along the side of the page block on the spine pice.

The seam holds everything very firmly and can be actively used as a decorative detail.

Step 9:

To decorate the edge of the fold of the cover on front I'm gluing a strip of of paper to it. Figure scissors were used to create decorative edge on the piece.

Step 10:

After the suitable button was found, it was sewn down to the front of one of the frontal folds. But before that decorative piece was added to reiforce the area.

Similar decorative piece was then added to the back of the fold to cover the stitching.

Step 11:

Then, on the oppositefold a hole was made and a piece of suitable lacing was than pulled throug it. To secure the end of the lace on the inside< I glued it to the surface and covered then the area with decorative piece.

This made the notebook finnished.

Step 12:

And here's a couple of different notebooks of similar design I've made earlyer. They can be looking very nice, and different additional decorations can be added on desire. These notebooks can make a really pretty gifts and are fun to make. But this is it for now, thanks for your attention, and have a nice Spring, that is, apparently, coming very soon.

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