Introduction: Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Wall Lamp

You are a Fallout fan? You will love this lamp in your bedroom.

Ok, let's do this!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Stool seat with bottle cap shape (I don't find a web where to buy it, i found it in a local store, sorry)
  • 12 V Recheargable battery (I recommend a DC-168 12V Rechargeable 1800mAh Li-ion Battery Pack)
  • 12 V RGB Led Strip Light (There is a lot of options, just make sure it's 12V led strip)
  • Smart wifi led controller
  • Matte spray varnish
  • Red spray paint
  • White spray paint (only if you can't get a white stool seat)
  • Grey paint (not spray)
  • Dark wood stain
  • Hot glue gun sticks
  • Some steel L shaped brackets
  • Some nuts


  • Hot glue gun
  • Some sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • tweezers
  • old rag
  • A wrench
  • A smartphone (to configure led light)

Step 2: Preparing the Stool Seat (only If You Can't Get a White One)

If you can't get a white stool seat, you just have to paint it white with a spray. Before painting, you have to clean de seat with a paper and alcohol to make sure it has no dust or grease. Then, you have to paint it in a open space or a ventilated place and you must use a mask to avoid respiration problems (Safety first).

Step 3: Nuka Cola Logo

Now, it's school time! Download the picture above and print it in a full size A4 sheet, take the scissors and cut the logo carefuly.

Glue the logo in the center of the seat with a glue stick (we have to remove it later, so don't put too much glue on it). After that, clean the edges of the logo to make sure there is no glue on it.

If you want a CAD file of this logo, press here.

Step 4: Time to Paint!

Take your paint spray and start painting! Make sure you cover all the seat. 10-15 minutes after finish painting, take off the nuka cola logo with tons of care. It's better take it off while paint is fresh to avoid paint to peel off (you can use tweezers to make it easier).

Step 5: Adding Some Scratches and Rust

Once the paint is dry, grab a sandpaper and start adding scratches. When you are satisfied with the scratches, take a paintbrush and the grey paint and fill this scratches with it. Now it looks like some metal was exposed.

Its time to add the rust. Take a rag soaked in dark wood stain and start staining the seat. Once you are satisfied with results, let's fix it. Get the matte spray varnish and give a couple of layers.

Let it dry about 24 hours and we are ready to add the light!

Step 6: Lighting Up!

Take the battery, the leds and the wifi controller and glue it all on the stool back side using your hot glue gun.

Once you glue it all, just make the conections. Connect the leds with the wifi controller pins and connect the battery with the wifi controller, now charge the battery and we are ready to configure it (we'll do this in Step 8)

Use the picture above to make an idea of this.

Step 7: Hanging It on the Wall

It's time to hang Nuka Cola bottle cap, i used 2 types of steel L shaped brackets to get a little space between the wall and the seat when I put it in a hook. You have to get the bottom of the seat doesn't touch the wall, I got this with the L shaped brackets. Just measure the depth of the back side of the seat and buy the brackets accordingly.

Step 8: Configure the Light!

Let's light up the wall! First you have to do it's download "Magic Home" app in the app store. Now, turn on the battery and you will see the lights blinking. Open the app and press "+" button and click "add device". We have to connect the device to Wi-Fi so, search your device and press on it ( in my case the device is "LEDnet85C230"). Next step is connect it in your Wi-Fi network, choose your Wi-Fi and insert the password. Now, your device is connected, choose a name (i named it "Nuka Cola") and press "Done" button. Now your Nuka Cola light appears on device menu, press on it and you can choose color and effects. That's it, we finish.

Step 9: Finish!!

Now, just enjoy it! It looks like a Nuka Cola Quantum!!

Thank you for read my first instructable!!

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