Introduction: Number 1 Issue With Making Copies- Paper Supply!

What is the number one issue with our copy machine....the dreaded RED screen, we just back up out of the room and wait for someone else to fix it, or go to admin and say copier is broken....or IS it???


One large copier

Step 1: Copier Replenishment...Who Knew?!

Whether it is first thing in the morning, middle of the day or after school hours, when you walk in the copy room and see red on the copier, do you just turn and leave and let admin know "copier is broken"? What if you took a few steps toward the big copy machine and read what does the red warning mean....

Step 2: What If Is Really Wasn't That Bad....

What if you actually look at the warning sign, look at the outside of the copier....maybe open the tray that has the red light on ......

Step 3: Imagine Your Day Getting a Little Better....

You now go check the cabinets, find extra paper, open it up, and then....

Step 4: Fill It Up!

And fill the empty tray up with paper!!!!! Not only will you smile and get your printing done, administration will smile to not be bothered about the copier, and your fellow teachers will sing your praises!

Step 5: Back in Business!

And now you are back in business, printing away, now go and have a great day!

Step 6: And Now a Little Video

Just a little video with humor to show you how to go through the steps! Have a great day!

Step 7: Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I am taking Tech 4350 class and asked to do an Instructable. This is by no means the only way to restock paper in the copier. Please use adequate supply of paper. I do not work for a copier company, I am not certified in copier processes, I am a Kindergarten TA who sometimes gets annoyed when no one refills the paper in the copier.