Introduction: Nutella Chalice Aka... Transform Your Nutella Jar Into a Cool/fancy Glass

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Welcome to my "quasi" Instructable #33.

This is not a conventional Instructable, but, after all, I will not define myself as a conventional person, therefore, there is not too much I can do about it. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to create a chalice/support for the transparent Nutella glass, to transform a common glass in a proper wine glass.

This is a quasi-Instructable, because the only thing you have to do is to click on the link you'll find in the next steps, in order to download the .obj file (unless you want to give it a go yourself, using your 3D design skills and creating your own version).

Step 1: Taking the Measurements

Before starting to design the chalice, I took the measurements of the jar to be sure my chalice would have fit it.

Step 2: 3D Drawings

After trying a few different 3D drawing software (I would strongly
recommend Tinkercad to anyone wants to have the first 3D experience), I have created this obj you can print at home (or, like I did, you can manage to find on the place that can print it for you... choosing also the best price.

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Click here to get the .obj file.

Step 3: Done!

I've printed the chalice in ABS (which is more expensive but very strong) and in PLA.

I haven't dropped the PLA chalice yet, but I can say the toughness of the material doesn't look that different and the PLA is cheaper.