Introduction: Nutella Crepes #HMS 2020

hello, today I will show you how to make nutella crepes. i will make sure by the end of this instructable, you will know how to make chocolate crepes. I hope you enjoy. make sure to stick around until the end


2 beaten eggs, 1 and a half cups of milk, 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, a fourth teaspoon of salt, a fourth of a cup of powdered sugar, nutella spread, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, a pan, bowl, sifter, and a whisk and butter

Step 1: Put Ingrediants in Bowl

crack 2 eggs into bowl and stir up. then you add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and a fourth tsp of salt. add 1 and a half cups of milk. Mix it all up afterwards.

Step 2: Add More Ingrediants to Bowl

sift 1 cup of flour into egg mixture. also sift a fourth cup of powdered sugar. Add 1 tsp of vanilla. and mix it up afterwards.

Step 3: Ready to Start Cooking

after you make the crepe batter, you have to get the pan and spread butter all over it. the pan has to be med-high. after this, you put crepe batter on the pan. depending on what size you want your crepe to be you should move the pan around so you can cover up the pan.

Step 4: Cooking the Crepes

after you put the batter on the pan, you should wait for one to two minutes and then flip over the crepe on the other side. then wait another minute to two minutes and plate your crepe.

Step 5: Adding the Nuttella

after you plate your crepe you will have to spread nuttella all over the middle of the crepe. after this, you have to fold the crepe and depending on you, you can add a little bit of powdered sugar on the top of your crepe. and that is how you make a crepe.

Step 6: Conclusion

i hope you liked my guide on how to make nuttella crepes. i wish i cooked them for around two minutes on each side instead of one but that is my only regret. I hope you had fun making the crepes as much as i did.