Introduction: Nuva Cube | BIONICLE

This is the Nuva Cube from the Bohrak saga of the second year of the LEGO BIONICLE theme. I tried my best to add the proper colours, but you can always change them if you like with the .pdo file below. The .pdo file is opened using Pepakura Viewer or Pepakura Designer. If you are ready to build this, read on to the next step!


Step 1: Before You Build

Before you start building this model, you will need: 110lb cardstock (15 sheets), glue/adhesive of your choosing (hot glue or tacky glue works), a knife (X-acto or something similar), a clean work area, the .pdf file below, and the .pdo file from the previous step for reference. The .pdo file is helpful because it will guide you when putting together the pieces which are not labelled. If yo uplan on painting other the model after you can enable numbered edges in Pepakura Viewer.

Step 2: Building the Sides of the Cube

The pages are ordered and grouped according to each side of the cube. There are six sides with six different symbols. I recommend that you build each side/ section separately and combine them after. Each section has 2 or 3 pages next to each other so you won't get confused (please look carefully at the .pdo file for reference, you will likely need it). Once you are done building each section, check the image above to make sure it looks right.

Step 3: Assembling the Cube

Now that all of the sides are complete, you can combine them as if they are the six faces of a cube (they basically are). Take your time during this part. Each edge of a piece must connect with a specific edge of another piece. Many of the pieces look like they can connect in more than one way. They can't. Use the model view of the .pdo file to guide you. Don't worry if you mess up. You can try carefully peeling the tab off and reattaching it. Just be patient. Once you get to the last two pieces, applying glue and fitting them in will get a little tricky. Take your time and don't be afraid to use different techniques to get it right. Tweezers may help. Your finished Nuva Cube should look like the image above. There is a water bottle for height reference. The SketchUp file is available below if you want to edit the model or export it as a 3D model.